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Sir Eion Edgar
Our members will all be aware of the recent passing of Eion. He and Jan have been members for a great many years. Both, with their dogs, loved to come up to the Club for a coffee and muffin on Saturday mornings where Eion would catch up with members new and old, from all walks of life, and, every so often, run into an old friend he hadn’t seen in a while. Although not a player, he took a close interest in the health of the Club; shortly after lockdown last year he called asking what was our cash position. I have no doubt what he would have done if the Club had needed help. He saw the Club as a social centre in Kelvin Heights; a place to bring visitors for a coffee in the morning or fish and chips on a Friday evening.

He has been a generous supporter of the Club in the widest sense of the word and will be missed by all of us. Jan, please accept our best wishes for the future; in the fullness of time, we look forward to seeing you back on the course.

Board News
On the 29th we got a reminder that this is winter. Beautiful to look at but, unluckily for the ladies, no good for golf.

The Board met on 11th June. In spite of wintry conditions, our cash position is still sound enough to allow us to get on with the projects listed below and one other major pipe replacement job.

 - $117k debenture repayments plus interest in the first week of July 2021.
         These will be made in the first week or ten days of July.

- $35k for upstairs toilets
         This work is underway.

- $10k for conversion to gas powered heating for clubhouse.
         This is being done at the same time as the upstairs toilets.

- $50k for pathways
         Planning and timing proceeding with contractor

- $10k for pathway edge finishing
         as with pathways

- $60k for ID to add a staff member and work on tees, bunkers and trees as appropriate.
         Done over Jan – June this year

- $80k for replacement of main water pipe out of lake.
         Contractor chosen, securing pipe, fill, identifying timing.

Subscriptions next year

The Board has also started talking about subscriptions for next year. Members with views about subscriptions are encouraged to talk to Board members about their views. We are also looking at creating an under-35 category to encourage younger players to join and, if they are already members, stay on.


The AGM will be on 15th September 2021. Before then the Board will circulate recommendations for members to vote on at the AGM. Members wishing to table amendments are asked to think carefully about the wording of their amendment, have a seconder in place and, ideally, have discussed it fully with others, including the chair. We had an amendment last year which couldn’t work and had to be withdrawn. While we want as full a discussion of the issues as possible, we also don’t want to get tied up in knots.


Our June Board meeting reconfirmed the assumptions underlying our capital and operating budgets for 2021/22. As always it is cash flow that counts. We can be more confident about 2021/22 if for no other reason than if we can’t have Aussie golfers (they have shown this month that they still like a lockdown) we may expect to see domestic tourists once again come south to enjoy our courses. Those tourists were good to us last year and I think they were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the courses available but we have to accept that the Australian market is the icing.

At the risk of repeating myself, the Board is bound to act prudently and decisions about what to leave in and what to leave out will reflect that approach.

May 2021 results

More inclement weather in May than we have had for a while plus three paydays meant that we went into deficit, which is the norm rather than the exception for this time of year. June, July and August are likely to be the same.

Financial results for May 2021 and the 11 months of the financial year to 31 May 2021


May 2021

11 months to 31st May 2021



Last year



Last year








Cash Expense







Surplus before depreciation







Good golfing.

Athol Stephens - Chairperson

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As mentioned there will be a fair bit of work undertaken on the course in the next couple of months. This is shown on the plan above and attached. The work and its impact on golf is described below. 
1. The main irrigation line that runs from the pump shed on the side of hole 4 up to the 8th tee is being replaced. This is the red line on the above image. This irrigation line has reached the end of its life and has suffered multiple annual failures over the last few years. We anticipate this work will start on the week beginning the 12th of July. While this is going across the 4th fairway the hole will be shortened to a temporary par 3. We hope this will only be for a couple of days. 
As the pipeline is replaced further up the course towards the 7th hole, we will play the 7th from a temporary tee on the left hand side, adjacent to the current red tee block. The tee will stay here while the pipe is replaced, new 7th tee is built and the new cart path in constructed. This will take a number of months until the 7th tee can be reopened. This temporary tee will be a low scaffolding structure with high quality artificial turf fixed to ply.
When the top section of main irrigation line is being replaced, in front of the 15th tee, the 15th hole will be played from the red tee and the 8th tee will also be moved forward. Signage will be in place to direct golfers around the work sites. 
2. While we are working on the 4th hole we will try to remove a number of Oregon trees from behind the 15th green. These trees are currently causing problems for the 15th green, mainly evident in summer when the rear of the green is very dry due to the tree roots extending under the green. We hope to replace these trees with some large deciduous oak specimens (These aren't cheap - talk to Matt if you wish to help sponsor a tree). 
3. Once the pipe is in the ground and fully tested we plan to construct 2 new cart paths (purple lines on the plan). The first us from beside the 6th green, to the 7th tee, then up to the start of the 7th fairway. The second path starts adjacent to the 15th green, past the 16th men's tees, then up the bumpy slope and terminating just past the ladies 16th tee. As mentioned while the path on 7 is being constructed all play will be from the temporary tee. On 16 all play will be from the yellow block while workers are on site constructing the path. 
4. The 7th tee will receive its much needed rebuild. Probably the lumpiest tee on the course at the moment, this will be rebuilt, slightly enlarged, and turfed ready for play hopefully in spring. 
If you want to know any more information about the above projects Matt is more that happy to discuss.


Greetings All,

The snow is falling outside as I write and the fire is roaring along. Winter has arrived. Thank goodness for the stack of the excellent dry beech firewood ordered and delivered last week by club sponsor Highlander Firewood.

Please take every precaution when golfing over the next few months.

Uncertain and slippery ground conditions demand care and attention.

Shortly you will receive a QGC member satisfaction survey. I hope you will take the time to respond. We are particularly interested in those aspects of the QGC offering that don’t meet your approval or expectation. Knowing what you think and want is an integral part of future club planning. Highest possible member satisfaction is the ultimate goal of your management, board and committees.

Sadly we have experienced recent setbacks in the Covid recovery and response programme.

The cancellation of air bridges with Australia, however temporary, will impact the winter economy in Queenstown and is hugely disappointing for local businesses and visitors alike. It also further highlights the exposure we face as a popular tourism destination.

Please be vigilant in your efforts to protect yourself and others by taking and observing every precaution available.

I’m sad to say we have lost a wonderful friend and generous supporter of Queenstown golf with the recent passing of Sir Elon Edgar. This remarkable man achieved so many objectives and helped endless causes by believing nothing was impossible. What a wonderful legacy and a lesson for us all to consider.

Our condolences and best wishes to Lady Jan and the family. Rest in Peace Elon and thank you for your contributions to our little club.

On that note, please stay warm and safe, remain thankful for your lot and take a big dose of positivity out into your world. Who knows what may be possible?

Regards to all,

Rob Taylor

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Challenging golf conditions have joined us for the month of June, but that hasn’t stopped us seeing some great scores and having fun with this game we all enjoy. Damp feet, dodging puddles and balls that get plugged has been a new part of the game of late - not something we usually have to deal with on our course. (How lucky we are!!)

We have celebrated Mid Winter, playing a Scottish Stableford, jollied along with a mulled wine and the wonderful bagpipes music of Jenny Browne. Thanks everyone for joining in the spirit of the day and giving your tartans an outing. The winners of the Saturday competition were Annie, Tyree and Ngaire with a 75. On Tuesday the winners were Robyn, Jo, Judy S and Sue with 89.

Many thanks to Joel for all his support, light hearted banter and entertaining delivery of our results over the last few years. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey Joel and we wish you all the best with your new role out on the course.

Meals on Wheels: Our Queenstown Ladies have supported the Meals on Wheels over many years and it is now our time again for 2021. We are covering the 2 – 20 August. If you would like to help, please add your name/ph number to the list at golf OR email Janet - lathamaus@gmail.com . We will be covering both the Frankton (9 meals) and the Queenstown (3 meals) runs this year, so many helpers will be much appreciated. We would also like to have any men who would like to help - especially to cover Tuesdays !!

Upcoming Tournaments:

Clinton Men and Women – Stableford – 7 July - $30 (meal included)

Chisholm Links Weekend Women’s – 25th July - $30 (includes lunch)

Wanaka Tournament – 6-8th September Stbfd, 4BBB, $30 per day

Check the noticeboard for further details. Please make your own entries.

What’s on for July:


(School Holidays 10-25 July)



GNZ Medal& Putting-1st Qualifying Rd Eclectic



GNZ Medal& Putting-1st Qualifying Rd Eclectic



Own choice



Town v Peninsula Handicap Matchplay



Medal - 2nd Qualifying Rd Eclectic



Medal - 2nd Qualifying Rd Eclectic










Happy golfing!!

Janet Latham.

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Our Wall of Remembrance was established in the clubs 100th year (2015) as an opportunity to provide somewhere for Members of the club to be remembered, somewhere where their families and friends can come and visit to remember loved ones. 
Any Member of the Club can have a remembrance plaque on the wall. Members can pre purchase a plaque if they wish. Talk to the General Manager if you are interested in a plaque. 
Talk a look at the wall next time you are passing and see the names and inscriptions on the plaques that are already on the wall.
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