Centenary Ambrose
Centenary Ambrose

Centenary Ambrose 2022

Sunday 29th May

Queenstown Golf Club

3 Person Ambrose

$6 pp

Find your own team or we will find you a team on the day


· Register at 10:00am for a multi tee start at 10:30am

· ALL players tee off and the best-placed ball is chosen

· ALL players play the next shot and the best ball is again chosen

· Play continues in this manner until the ball is holed

· Each player must use SIX tee shots of which ONE must be on a PAR 3

· 1 Club Length PLACING is through the green (General Area) on similar ground

· Team handicap is calculated by adding the COURSE handicaps together and dividing by 6

· Ensure cards are signed and handed to the Pro shop Staff

· Men play from the YELLOW TEES. Ladies play from the RED TEES