Mens Spence Plate
Mens Spence Plate

Spence Plate
Conditions of Competition

1. Players defeated in round 1 of the Singles Knock-Out are automatically entered for the Spence Plate.

2. Competition is in one division.

3. Competition is Matchplay – Lower marker goes to scratch and give strokes accordingly.

4. Players may agree the tee to use. If agreement cannot be reached, the White Tees will be used.

5. All matches (including final) are 18-hole matches.

6. Handicap allowance – Full difference. (Maximum course handicap is 36).

7. Any match started shall be completed on the day, i.e. ‘All Square' after 18 holes the match to continue from hole 1 to a conclusion ‘Sudden Death'.

8. Each round of matches to be completed on or before the designated date or before the next round designated date. If match is not completed by the next round designated date, the player NOT available on the designated date for the match will be scratched. (If neither available, both will be scratched). Both players of each draw must share the responsibility for contacting their respective opponent.

9. The loser of each match to ensure that he puts his opponent’s name forward to the next round immediately.

10.Cards may be used for handicapping if you so wish.