One of the more demanding par fours on the golf course. Dense trees on the right hand side of the fairway will catch a man's drive trying to cut off too much of the dogleg. The strength of this hole however, comes from the demanding second shot. Women should line their tee shot up with the right side of the opening ahead. Your drive will roll very left from what you would expect. This green provides a very difficult target, requiring an accurate approach both in terms of length and direction. After your second shot ring the bell on the gum tree on the left to tell the next group that it is all clear on this blind hole.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 2 408
   Red   4 14 243
   White   4 2 383
   Yellow   4 6 274
   Red   4 6 243
   White   4 6 383
   Yellow   4 6 274