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Things start going quiet about this time of the year so it’s a good time to turn on the TV and watch the best slogging it out on courses that, for almost all of us, are too long, whose fairways are too narrow, where there are too many bunkers and there is too much water that can’t be seen from the tee. So, even if he is best taken in small doses, it is gratifying to those of us of a certain age, to watch Phil, just short of 51, sock it to young pretenders half his age. The most gratifying being the Old Man’s drive of 366 yards on the 16th – suck on that Bryson!
The Board met on 17th May. Our sound cash position has meant we can start to be more confident about pushing on with the capital expenditures listed last month, which I will list again.
  • $117k debenture repayments plus interest in the first week of July 2021. 
  •  $35k for upstairs toilets 
  •  $10k for conversion to gas powered heating for clubhouse. 
  •  $50k for pathways 
  •  $10k for pathway edge finishing 
  • $60k for ID to add a staff member and work on tees, bunkers and trees as appropriate. 
The Board has also started talking about subscriptions for next year. Members with views about subscriptions are encouraged to talk to Board members about their views. We are also looking at creating an under-35 category to encourage younger members to stay on.
The AGM will be on 15th September 2021. Before then the Board will circulate recommendations for members to vote on at the AGM. Members wishing to table amendments are asked to think carefully about the wording of their amendment, have a seconder in place and, ideally, have discussed it fully with others, including the chair. We had an amendment last year which couldn’t work and had to be withdrawn. While we want as full a discussion of the issues as possible, we also don’t want to get tied up in knots.
Our May Board meeting further discussed the 2021/22 cash flow and what we could afford to spend on capital once we had met our debt repayment obligations. Matt has started to put meat on the bones of the operating and capital budgets. We can be more confident about 2021/22 if for no other reason than if we can’t have Aussie golfers (they still like a lockdown every so often) we may expect to see domestic tourists once again come south to enjoy our courses. Those tourists were good to us last year and I think they were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the courses available but we have to accept that the Australian market is the icing.
At the risk of repeating myself, the Board is bound to act prudently and decisions about what to leave in and what to leave out will reflect that approach.
April 2021 results
April continued like March, with almost identical results. Comparisons with last April are interesting only as a record of the impact of lockdowns on golf clubs; 80% of our revenue was a wage subsidy and green fees were the princely sum of $65.
The domestic market has been buoyant enough and long enough to help us retain, even grow, our sound cash position. If we can hold that position until 30 June, the end of the financial year, it sets us up for doing some, if not all, of the postponed projects as well as repaying debt. By Spring we hope we will see a modest return of vaccinated travellers.
Financial results for April 2021 and the 10 months of the financial year to 31 March 2021


April 2021

10 months to 30th April 2021



Last year



Last year








Cash Expense







Surplus before depn







Good golfing.
Athol Stephens – Board Chairperson 


A short summary this month as we move into winter, truly the domain of the hardy golfer as temperatures drop and we negotiate the freeze/ thaw conditions.

Golf is challenging and potentially dangerous. Please take care in icy conditions and negotiate the known trouble spots for your own best safety.

Our putting greens also suffer the most playing damage in winter. Please flatten pitch marks with your putter to restrict permanent frost damage.

Recent departures from our hardworking team are Joe, Lizzie and Jan. Thank you for your efforts. Abi has begun her new office role and Rupert has started in the bar and cafe. Please introduce yourselves and make them both feel welcome at Queenstown golf.

We will be running a little bit skinny over the next months as some of our team take well deserved annual leave so please be patient and understanding.

QGC golfing sides are out and about in Central competing with distinction. All pennants sides have been very competitive and final spots beckon for most men’s sides. Our ladies lost a close final at Millbrook.

Thank you to all our captains and convenors for your efforts organising our club sides.

I would also like to acknowledge the continuing work of past president Peter Waaka in organising the Central Otago pennants programme and posting constant updates of the match results year on year. Thank you Peter for doing an outstanding job.

We are also hosting record numbers on club days. This is good problem as we try and accomodate large fields in a timely manner. We can all do our bit to keep things moving along.

Good golfing to you all and safe travels to those taking a winter break.

Warm regards,

Rob Taylor

It’s been a quiet month for our Ladies golf, made even more so with most Tuesdays delivering less than ideal weather conditions. Some brave ladies have ventured out with freezing conditions, rain and wind. Thankfully the Saturday ladies had some good days and the sun joined us for one Tuesday!!
Our congratulations go to Sumin Kang who won the title of South Island Under 16 Champ at the competition recently played at the Otago Golf Club. What a star!!
Judy Sim played for the Otago Country team in their match against Southland Country earlier this month. It was a tough day of golf with the girls playing in foggy cold conditions at Gore.. Congratulations to Southland who had a strong (and I’m told, rare) win against the Otago team. Thanks Judy for being our representative.
Beryl Stephens 4BBB Matchplay - It was great to see 20 ladies entering this competition. The draw is now out and matches have begun. The competition will be played over the next few months. Best of luck everyone. For some background to this competition and Beryl Stephens, CLICK HERE
Upcoming Tournaments
Cromwell Winter Fun Tournament - 4/5th August. Teams of 4, $75 per player.
June’s Programme    
Sponsor: Frankton Tyre Services
1 Tues Ambrose - 4 person
5 Sat GNZ Medal & Putting
8 Tues GNZ Medal & Putting
12 Sat Stableford
15 Tues Stableford
19 Sat Scottish Stableford – Mid Winter Fun
22 Tues Scottish Stableford – Mid Winter Fun
26 Sat Bisque Par 29 Tues Bisque Par
Looking forward to some sunny calm Tuesday’s. Probably a big ask of June, but we can always be hopeful!!
Good golfing everyone.


Great to see the Single Knockout will be hotly contested again this year with a field of 64. Please remember that if you lose your first round match, that needs to be played on or before June 12, you automatically go into the Spence Plate draw.

A summary of our Pennants & Interclub results to date follows:

  • Senior A – yet to start
  • Senior B – qualified for the playoffs
  • Intermediate – qualified for the playoffs
  • Junior A – just missed qualification
  • Junior B – qualified for the playoffs
  • Presidents – yet to start
  • Interclub – sitting in 5th place in a tightly bunched field

We’ve recently been involved in a couple of local Club challenges with mixed results. I’m reliably informed that our team narrowly lost to Arrowtown, at their course, in our attempt to reclaim the Coronation Cup. On a more positive note we rebuffed the challenge of Wanaka for the Dewar Cup and sent them on their “merry” way across the hill. Thanks to all those who participated in these time honoured events.

Just a reminder that we’ve looking for a new Club Captain and Deputy Club Captain for next year. I’m happy to have an informative chat to anyone that is interested.

As we roll into winter just a reminder that we need to be more vigilant in our course housekeeping – remember to repair divots, and pitch marks, and show some care with the path taken with electric carts.

John Leith – Men’s Club Captain

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We have recently had a report done on the poplar trees on the right hand side of the 3rd hole. You may have noticed that one has recently broken and fallen down. The report identified that a number of these trees are showing signs of decay and we will have to look at removing the entire stand of trees in the next few years. 
Please remember to look after the course during winter, follow all on course signage, especially if you are using carts. 

We are planning on starting our upstairs toilet refurbishment later this month, approximately the 21st of June. The upstairs toilets will be closed while we complete the upgrade.

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The June monthly sponsor is Frankton Tyre Services. If you need Tyres go and see Antony Jack at Frankton Tyre Services, 164 Glenda Drive, Frankton.
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